The Fourth Annual Highway 2 McDonald’s Challenge

The Official Rules of the H2MC

Race to be run on Friday, March 16th, 2012!

Starting at the PEC, each contestant must make their way to and from McDonald’s under their own power. Each contestant must independently purchase and consume one large fries, one large coke (or sprite), and a double big mac. The food must be consumed in the restaurant (or at the tables outside) and contestants cannot leave until approved by race officials. The Phys-ed symbol on the ground outside the PEC is the start/finish line. Any competitor who pukes at any point during the race must run a penalty lap by going straight through the finish line to University street, take a right to Earl street, following to Division street and then taking a right back to Union before being able to finish at the PEC. No external help is allowed for athletes at any point during the competition.

Happy Meal Fun Run

The same rules apply as above except the required meal now consists of a McDonald’s McNugget happy meal. Competitors will also be required to carry their happy meal toy with them on the second leg of the run, and present it at the finish line in order for results to be official.

Team Scoring

This year shall introduce a team competition where teams of two will try to gain bragging rights by posting the fastest combined time. Official timing will be implemented for this race in order to accurately document individual winners as well as team champions. Note that teams may not consist of runners in different race divisions; either both members must be doing the H2MC, or both must be doing the Happy Meal Fun Run.

Additional rules:

  • Food must be consumed as prepared by the restaurant (no removing pickles, etc)
  • No intestinal performance enhancements or other drugs that may assist in stomaching the meal will be permitted.

Media: (Video content credited to Clay Patterson)

H2MC 2009 – Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Photos (Courtesy of Jenn Baker)

H2MC 2010 – Part One, Part Two, Photos (Courtesy of Jenn Baker)

H2MC 2011 – Photos (Courtesy of Simonne Tomasovic), Video footage coming soon!

4 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Highway 2 McDonald’s Challenge

  1. Alecia says:

    What about the female race- the happy meal challenge?

  2. This is 100% awesome and everyone should experience it!

  3. Dave loney says:

    Yeah Tyson.
    Run Eat and Run!!!

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