5th Annual H2MC – Official Results

Saturday March 16, 2013
    H2MC Men: @ 29:48  2013      David Cashin, Queen's  
  H2MC Women: F 35:30  2013      Marie Soehl, Queen's
Place  Name                Team   Place on Team   Time                                                
  1    David Cashin        Queen's        1       29:48@   
  2    Rui Xu              McMaster       1       30:18
  3    Taylor Forbes       McMaster       2       30:55
  4    Gerry Angelatos     Queen's        2       32:00
  5    Keenan Viney        McMaster       3       32:17
  6    Jeff Mountjoy       Queen's        3       32:37
  7    Blair Morgan        McMaster       4       32:39
  8    Sean Bowen          McMaster       5       33:10
  9    Chris Fitzgibbon    Queen's        4       33:53
 10    Michael Nishiyama   Queen's        5       34:04
 11    Alex Hutton         Queen's        6       34:31
 12    Rob Asselstine      Queen's        7       35:02
 13    Marie Soehl         Queen's        8       35:30F
 14    Ryan Tice           McMaster       6       37:29
 15    Jeremy Walsh        McMaster       7       37:29
 16    Gabriel Ghiglione   McMaster       8       37:49
 17    Corbin Johnston     Queen's        9       38:08
 18    Josh Potvin         Queen's       10       38:24
 19    Kip Arlidge         Queen's       11       39:11
 20    Michael Bentley     Queen's       12       39:20
 21    Courtney Patterson  McMaster       9       39:32
 22    Thor Stewart        Guelph         1       41:04
 23    Erin O'Higgins      Queen's       13       41:21
 24    Jan-Louis Henning   Queen's       14       41:31
 25    Lucas Pieterson     Queen's       15       43:19
 26    Nick McGraw         Queen's       16       55:00
 27    Jacob Wanuch        Queen's       17       55:00
 28    Adam Blaine Semple  Unattached             63:00
Place   Team        Points    Scorers        Displacers 
  1     McMaster      25      2-3-5-7-8      14-15
  2     Queen's       30      1-4-6-9-10     11-12

Great fun was had by all at this year’s McDonald’s challenge. With the addition of the McMaster crew, the event saw unprecedented levels of competition. By besting the Queen’s vets in the team scoring in their H2MC debut, the Marauders showed everyone why they wear the Golden Arches on their sleeves.

This years implementation of pre-ordered meals lead to some exciting results, and close finishes. Huge gains were made in the eating by Rui Xu, Gerry Angelatos, and Marie Soehl. However, nobody on the day could best the strength of Dave Cashin who lead the charge on the way to McDonald’s, and lost the lead only briefly due to Rui Xu’s monster eating leg. The bar is set high on this new meal/line setup.

Special thanks to all who came out to spectate/help out with timing and filming. Also, congratulations to all competitors. Everyone’s contributions (no matter how small) lead to this year’s event being a huge success. Next year we hope to have McMaster back along with a few other schools to add to the competition; all are welcome!

5th Annual H2MC – Performance List

Competitors listed alphabetically. Courtesy of: Clay Patterson, Jeff Costen, Jeff Mountjoy, Jeremy Walsh

Adam Blaine Semple
– For the last three years, Adam has gazed in wonderment from afar as the H2MC went down in Kingston. This year, with weeks of preparation, Adam has committed to make the journey to Kingston. Will the double big mac best this man who has been known to eat three burgers per sitting?

Alex Hutton
– Hutton has shown great consistency as a fast beer miler the last two years. His breakthrough level of aerobic fitness is sure to put him up there with the best. Will his small, supple frame be able to handle all that food though? Time will tell.

Blair Morgan
– The local and another triathlete. He’ll be trying to get on Boyd’s good side by showing up the Gael’s at their own event.
– 5km 15:19
– 46th at CIS Cross 2012 (suck it Loney), 36th at OUA Cross

Chris Fitzgibbon
– Chris puked and rallied to a fast time in his first ever beer mile last weekend. He’s shown a fearsome kick on the indoor circuit so watch out if he’s near you on the homestretch (although he’s likely to suffer the penalty lap due to his disgust of soda pop).

Corbin Johnston
– Rumour has it Corbin has been tearing up the intramural volleyball leagues this winter. Being able to toss balls around with strength and grace will likely pay dividends when trying to chuck greasy fast food down his throat. He is also likely to have found a previously unknown route to/from McDonald’s. Watch out for this guy.

Courtney Patterson
– Rounding out the Marauder squad, Courtney is one of four Women downing a double Big Mac, and will be looking to surprise. She says she’s good at running on a full stomach and wants the win.

David Cashin
– Last year, Cashin was sidelined due to injury, but with that slo-mo camera of his, he’s likely gathered priceless information about proper H2MC technique. I’ve seen him swallow air at an alarming pace so I don’t think a measley burger and some fries will pose much of a problem.

Erin O’Higgins
– Straight outa the Ottawa Lions, Erin O’Higgins is Queens’ only rookie female participant. Look for her to get out there with guns a blazing (no pun intended) and mix it up with strong competition.

Gabriel Ghiglione
– Rookie who needs to prove himself in the eating department. To be effective in the team race, the Mac boys will have to restrain him on the first leg, and then crack the whip on him in the eating portion.
– 3000m 8:50

Gerry Angelatos
– Last year, Gerry time-trialed the official meal the week of the race and was close to 3 minutes. His dominance in the eating is nearly unparalelled and so he can’t be counted out. Hopefully he dyes his mad scientist hair red in the likeliness of Ronald McDonald; it’ll probably help.

Jacob Wanuch
– Jacob Wanuch has developed quite the reputation as one of the most epic partiers in Queens History. In addition to this achievement, he’s also very fit. We know little about his fast food experienced, but based on his general enthusiasm for being a dirtball we assume he’s a natural.

Jan-Louis Henning
– Jan has been known to the men and women of Queen’s as a wielder of beer-wizard staffs and as a thug-wildman on campus. Ferociously, Jan will not hesitate to place men and ladies alike in unsolicited head-locks. Jan will surely be a force in the battle of the burgers.

Jeff Mountjoy
– This year’s event organizer has a lot on the line after maintaining an ambitious marketing campaign that has attracted unprecedented crowds. Can he live up to the hype or will he choke under the pressure he creates for himself (circa beer mile, 2012)?

Jeremy Walsh
– The Marauder team captain is all bark no bite. He’ll talk the talk,
but when it comes down to walking the walk, he’ll leave that up to his
teammates. At least he’ll do well in the first leg.
– 1500m – 3:50

Josh Potvin
– A.k.a. Potty-2-Hotty, big things are expected of him this year. Last year the meal took a toll on his performance, but this time around he’s running more than twice a week. Look for his beastly lungs to make up for what his stomach can’t handle.

Kennan Viney
– We call this guy K’naan for his mad dance moves. This marathoner from out west was a close 3rd in our Half-Dozen Donut challenge, showing eating prowess to back up his steady diet of mileage.
– Marathon 2:41:07

Kip Arlidge
– After a breakout indoor season, Kip is looking to crush some souls in his debut McDick’s run. Logging lots of miles of late is going to go a long way, and like some of the Mac guys, having experience as a multi-event athlete will certainly help with transitioning between the running/eating portions.

Lauren Prufer
– As defending champ, Lauren Prufer is the only person to ever win the Happy Meal Fun Run. She may be the only contestant this year, but she’ll have plenty of company in the running. The real question is whether or not McGraw will be able to repeat his win again; truly a power couple.

Lucas Pieterson
– Sometimes I wonder if Lucas is on the same planet as the rest of us, but when he has his mind set on something, losing isn’t an option. However, when he inevitably pushes himself to the breaking point, what will he do without a bathroom sink to deposit his meal in? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

Marie Soehl
-For everyone out there shying away from the H2MC for dietary reasons, bow down to this girl. She’s not supposed to eat just about everything in this meal, but is going to sacrafice herself for a shot at glory. Queue the pain train!

Michael Nishiyama
-Being only one of two competitors who have run the event every year since it’s conception, he’s a true veteran with several podium finishes to boot. Let’s just hope him and Potty can improve on their late night McDick’s tyrade a couple weeks back to post a strong result.

Nick McGraw
– Nick “Mountain Man” McGraw is back to defend his title as the number one seed. We don’t know if he’s run or shaved in the last 6 weeks, but what we do know is he’ll be ending his 3 month vegan streak with a greasy McD’s burger.

Rob Asselstine
– For those of you that haven’t kept tabs on Rob Asselstine since he disappeared into semi-obscurity two years ago, we unfortunately don’t have much to update. Last year, fresh off a triumphant return from Dartmouth College, he ran his first steps of 2012 in H2MC challenge. While he dazzled with his eating ability, his fitness lacked and we all took pleasure watching him suffer through both running legs. This year, in addition to increasing his saturated fat intake, Cousin Rob has gone for the occasional run. Could be a big factor in his second go around.

Rui Xu
– On a team of hungry strong eating runners, this rookie triathlete
can pack it away like no other. If he can restrain from ordering extra
burgers he’ll be devouring people on the way back.

Ryan Tice
– Silver at this years Half-Dozen Donut challenge, Bryan Rice will be
mercilessly throwing elbows throughout the race. Do not get in his
– 5k 15:27

Sean Bowen
-Talented at all forms of running challenges having medalled at the
past 4 Hamilton beer miles. He’s going to even split the race and roll
by those poor weak-stomached boys from Kingston.
– 1500m 3:58

Steph Hulse
– After her brother, Matt Hulse, cheated in the great H2MC of 2010, Steph vowed to cleanse her family name by posting a legitimate finish in the famed event. Perhaps if she can achieve something respectable, her brother will be allowed to return from exile in BC?

Taylor Forbes
-A triathlete who will be in the hunt right from the get-go, and if he directs his attention to eating instead of complaining he’ll be threatening not just for the win, but for the record. McMaster’s top seed.
– 3000m 8:32.37
– 57th at CIS Cross 2012, 37th at OUAs

Thor Stewart
– A surprise entry in this years event, Thor is a big darkhorse with his flowing locks. He’s a fierce competitor and has been known to push his limits to the point of physical failure. Accolades include the champion of the Post Kingston Summer 2012 Beer Mile 400m Time Trial.

5th Annual H2MC – Official Rules

Highway 2 McDonald’s Official Rules

Race to be run on Saturday, March 16th, 2013!

Starting at the PEC, each contestant must make their way to and from McDonald’s under their own power. Each contestant must independently consume a meal consisting of one large fries, one large coke (or sprite), and a double big mac. Meals will be pre-ordered. The food must be consumed at the tables outside, and contestants cannot leave until approved by race officials. The Phys-ed symbol on the ground outside the PEC is the start/finish line. Any competitor who pukes at any point during the race must run a penalty lap by going straight through the finish line to University street, take a right to Earl street, following to Division street and then taking a right back to Union before being able to finish at the PEC. No external help is allowed for athletes at any point during the competition.

Happy Meal Fun Run

The same rules apply as above except the required meal now consists of a McDonald’s McNugget happy meal. Competitors will also be required to carry their happy meal toy with them on the second leg of the run, and present it at the finish line in order for results to be official. Failing to present the happy meal toy will result in a hefty time penalty.

Team Scoring

With the participation of the McMaster Marauders, there will be team results tabulated. Placings of the top finishers from Queen’s and McMaster will be summed as per the standard cross country meet. Displacers will be used to resolve a possible tie. Competitors on the same team cannot physically assist their teammates in any way.

Additional rules:

  • Food must be consumed as prepared by the restaurant (no removing pickles, etc). Dietary requirements will be dealt with and approved on an individual basis.
  • No intestinal performance enhancements or other drugs that may assist in stomaching the meal will be permitted.