10th Annual H2MC Results

Saturday March 17, 2018
    H2MC Men: @ 28:10  2015      Tyson Loney, Queen's  
  H2MC Women: F 34:50  2014  Jenn Dowling-Medley, Guelph
Place  Name                Team                   Time                                                
  1    Blair Morgan        McMaster               31:41
  2    Eric MacPherson     McMaster               32:49
  3    Evan Andrin         Queen's                35:02
  4    Alex Drover         McMaster               36:14
  5    Jason Pilgrim       Relay For Diabetes     38:10
  6    Kip Arlidge         Queen's                38:22
  7    Brennan Frampton    Relay For Diabetes     39:16
  8    Reid Nelson         Royal Military Chol.   39:25
  9    Nathan Frampton     Relay For Diabetes     39:37
 10    Toms Black          Unattached             42:25
 11    Alex Cross          Relay For Diabetes     42:56
 12    Philippe Desharnais Relay For Diabetes     42:56
 13    Bennjamin Leclercq  Relay For Diabetes     43:12
 14    Pc Rousseau         Royal Military Chol.   43:27
 15    Fraser Duff         Royal Military Chol.   43:27
 16    Shanon Rochat       Relay For Diabetes     43:33
 17    Gabe Pitre          Relay For Diabetes     43:49
 18    Daniel Thomas       Relay For Diabetes     45:48
 19    Andy Lin            Royal Military Chol.   46:12
Place  Team                     Points  Scorers   Displ.
  1    McMaster                     7      1-2-4      -
  2    Relay For Diabetes          21      5-7-9  11-12
  3    Royal Military Cholesterol  37    8-14-15     19
  4    Queen's                    INF      3-6-_      -

Select Eating Splits:
Rank        Name                            Eating Split
  1         Jason Pilgrim                   5:03.0
  2         Pc Lin                          5:31.7
  3         Nathan Frampton                 5:45.4
  4         Blair Morgan                    6:30.0
  5         Andy Lin                        9:55.0
  6         Philippe Desharnais            10:19.0
  7         Toms Black                     13:13.0

10th Annual H2MC Event Page

Event Rules:

Race start is 9:00 am on Saturday, March 17th!

Starting across the street from the PEC (69 Union Street), each contestant must make their way to and from McDonald’s (CFB Kingston) under their own power. Each contestant must independently consume a meal consisting of one large fries, one large coke (or sprite), and a double big mac. Meals will be pre-ordered. The food must be consumed at the tables outside, and contestants cannot leave until approved by race officials. The sidewalk in front of Nicol Hall on the south side of Union street will be the start/finish line. Any competitor who pukes at any point during the race must run a penalty lap by going straight through the finish line to University street, take a right to Earl street, following to Division street and then taking a right back to Union before being able to finish at the PEC. No external help is allowed for athletes at any point during the competition.

Happy Meal Fun Run

The same rules apply as above except the required meal now consists of a McDonald’s McNugget happy meal. Competitors will also be required to carry their happy meal toy with them on the second leg of the run, and present it at the finish line in order for results to be official. Failing to present the happy meal toy will result in a hefty time penalty.

Team Scoring

Placings of the top 3 finishers from each complete team will be summed as per the standard cross country meet. Displacers will be used to resolve a possible tie. Competitors on the same team cannot physically assist their teammates in any way.

Additional rules:

  • Food must be consumed as prepared by the restaurant (no removing pickles, etc). Dietary requirements will be dealt with and approved on an individual basis.
  • No intestinal performance enhancements or other drugs that may assist in stomaching the meal will be permitted.
  • In the case of dietary restrictions, meal substitutes of similar volume/caloric content may be consumed if approved by organizing committee prior to entry deadline.